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Popcorn with no artificial ingredients

Mouth-meltingly lovely popcorn with no artificial ingredients, for you to enjoy whenever, wherever.

Nude popcorn share bags are perfect for hosting nights in with friends and family
Nude popcorn simply sweet have just 94kcal per serving
Nude popcorn sweet and salty have just 93kcal per serving
Nude popcorn simply salted have just 70kcal per serving
30% less fat than regular oil-popped popcorn
Suitable for vegetarians
Suitable for your gluten-free diet
A source of fibre
Get nude anytime of day
Cloud-puffed wholegrain loveliness
Enjoy Nude popcorn
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* than regular oil-popped popcorn

Get nude again

Get nude again

Why not try our other tempting flavours, or pick up a multi-pack?

Nude popcorn is available from Sainsbury’s supermarkets.

Try our other tempting flavours or pick up a multi-pack from Sainsbury's supermarkets

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